11 Juli 2010

Tsamina mina zangalewa - this time for España!

The opening ceremony consisted of a walk through Áger village to the tent at hq. It was fun to confuse the other teams by our pilots wearing bright orange t-shirts. I think it´s a great way to support our Dutch friends who are a tiny minority in this country tonight. At the moment, they are all sitting together at the campsite watching the final.
That´s why the opening ceremony did not last very long. We saw some traditional Catalán dances (and for Ecki: never ask for Sevillana in Catalunya... they kill you!) in traditional costumes.
In the beginning, the Australians couldn´t quite find their flag - I found it quite well interpreted: it was upside down ;) then Jonny went down under!
The British rocked up with really young, new talents.
For fun I had an arm comparison with Yulia (she finished on a fantastic 9th place in the Spanish nationals yesterday after 9 tasks, no rest day, well done little bird!) and Natalia from the Russian team, just to set new goals for my training. Even though Im taller than them and even though they don´t even work out, they have beautiful strong muscles - bloody genetics...

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