10 September 2021

Meeting Alvaro Soler at Porsche Open Space IAA 2021

After a great little flight high above Rauschberg with my friend Giergl, I managed to get back to the Porsche Open Space in time to enjoy a live unplugged concert of singer/songwriter Alvaro Soler. Since Rebi and I always play his songs in our car when we drive to our hang gliding adventures, it was fantastic to experience how powerful his live performance is!!! Man, I missed concerts so much, and didn´t even realize that until yesterday. 

Talking with respect and curiosity about other cultures when traveling, mentioning how important it is to learn foreign languages, Alvaro spoke from my heart.  I love it when people stay modest and grounded despite their talent and success - because really, aren´t we just luckier than many others that we got the chance to live our dreams?


08 September 2021

At Porsche IAA Munich

What a dream! I am invited to present my Red Bull Porsche hang gliding clip and pursuit of my dreams at the international automobile exhibition IAA Munich at the Porsche Open Space! Presenter Sarah Elsser and I showed the audience how dreams can develop and get wings! Seems the audience enjoyed seeing the sky with my eyes, cause there was quite an appreciating applause after our presentation!

I am in awe of so much beautiful, perfect design! Since my childhood, I always loved Porsche design, cause my designer heart just loves beauty and function connected in perfection!


04 September 2021

Porsche x Corinna Schwiegershausen

After a long break, it felt great to get into the air again! I am very motivated to qualify for our open (men´s) national team to join European and World Championships in hang gliding. I need to perform extremely well in competitions that count for the world ranking, and especially when the weather is difficult and requires a lot of creative and persistent flying, I seem to do well. 

Lucky that Hessenmeisterschaft served that weather where patience is needed. I flew almost on my own the whole time, and it paid off to fly on different paths - with my 2nd place in the international, and 1st place in the regional championship, I moved up to 4th position in the German national ranking and am currently qualified as part of our national team! 

You can activate subtitles in your own language for this video, hope you enjoy it!