27 Juli 2010

Seattle, Timezone UTC - 7

Coming into Seattle, we had a fantastic view in clear air of Mt Rainier (on the photo), Mt St Helens and Mt Hood in the distance. The weather was great, just sunny and blue, not too hot, very pleasant. I guess the paragliding World Cup in Chelan must have been a great success and Im curious if Uli Prinz or Torsten Siegel will be flying back to Germany with me today. ´
At the market downtown, I found this pig that very much reminded me of the pigs in Soegestrasse in my home city Bremen, so I let somebody take a photo of me with the "emigrated" pig. Too bad that we already have to return today, a few more days here, and Id be soaring the wonderful Chelan dust devils again... we had the women´s world championships there already two times, and I wouldn´t mind a third time, as it is a great place to fly big cross country distances in a very safe way (unless you dive low into a huge dusty like Guenther Tschurnig did ;))

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