16 November 2015

Sao Paulo, Grand Prix F1

I was happy when I was informed two days ago that my work schedule had changed, and instead of Bangkok, I ended up flying to Sao Paulo on very short notice.
Impossible to hide my big smile when my favourite Scotsman David Coulthard took his friend Daniela, her mother and me out to the pit lane before the start of the F1 race. Sure enough, I had a close look and almost climbed into the front wings of Daniil Kvyat´s car, trying to understand all those carbon profiled beautiful details! A guy came over and pulled me out, a bit puzzled about this girl getting too close to the car.
I confirmed that I wasn´t a spy, at least not for the motorized kind of racing, and explained my passion for aerodynamics and carbon fibre structures. Turned out he is a fellow pilot - and he then really started explaining some of the details that had been and still are a mystery to me. I so wish there had been more time!
The race itself went smooth, with poor safety car driver Bernd Mayländer getting deadly bored.
Big congrats to Nico Rosberg for winning the second race in a row ahead of his team mate Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.