07 Juli 2019

Junior and Ladies´ Challenge Greifenburg

I had a few days off from work and decided to volunteer in Greifenburg at the DHV challenge, where we try to improve hang glider pilots performance, help with equipment, and XC skills. Regina was happy about every helping hand, so she handed the group of 6 girls over to me.
It was fun to motivate them to try and fly out on course. Weather was quite stable and not easy to go far, and I was happy to see that most of them really tried hard, three of them even made the goals! I just tried to mark the best lift for them on course line, giving them an air to air thumbs up every now and then.
So nice when pilots come up to me in the landing field to tell me that my tips on how to get up after take off and how to stay in lift helped them a lot :) Great feeling if you can make somebody elses flights safer and more enjoyable!
After those days, I went to work on a flight to Tampa. On short notice, my Sun ´n Fun friends invited me for a flight from Lakeland to Williston airport. That had been one of our goals during the pre world competition, and I really enjoyed to have time again to look around the green swamp and north of it! Also now I know that there is a really cute airport restaurant at Williston, great idea to stop by while waiting for your retrieve! Flying in Florida is great, and in the summer heat and muggy humidity, it´s best to be above 1500m above ground anyway ;)