01 April 2018

Training in California

After freezing at a brief stop in the snow at the ski flying world cup in Planica/Slovenia, checking out the guys tactics on speed, low drag and flying with minimal "wings" (their skis!!!), I decided to shortpack my glider again and take off to the sun for some training before the season starts.
I was warmly welcomed by the Californian pilots and started with an incredible flight from scenic Mount Tamalpais, landing on the beach. After all the traveling from Brazil to Germany to the US, I was really happy to see my glider unharmed by all the short-and longpacking and transports! Big thanks to all Lufthansa colleagues for having been so careful trainsporting my glider around the world! Felt good to get some air under my wings again!
Just a bit more time, and I will be on my way (working) to Argentina for a brief visit, before going to the Quest comp in Florida, which is very booked out this year. I´m happy that Jörg from our German national team will accompany me and train with me before returning to Germany and hopefully seeing no snow on our mountain take offs anymore - the German Open, this year in the black forest, is coming up in the end of May!