30 März 2012

RX3 Testflying in Bassano or Greifenburg!

Finally I can share the great new little Moyes glider with you! I will fly the RX 3 in Bassano and after the comp, you can testfly it either in Bassano or in Greifenburg, depending on where we find better weather!
If you are a lightweight pilot of 50-75 kg and you are looking for a racing machine that is easy to handle, nice to land yet has incredible performance, let me know if you want to come for a testflight. Just send me a note on Facebook, so we can make an appointment!

17 März 2012

Buenos Aires, Timezone UTC -3

A few days at home, and back into the air - for 14 hours this time, a nice long flight to Buenos Aires. It is good to get back to summer. Perfect mild temperatures and sun invited for some sightseeing in the most beautiful city of the continent. Tango in the streets of San Telmo, soft light at Recoleta, and interesting colours at Plaza de Mayo.
At a flee market in San Telmo I found a shop with old grammophones and thought of Brian Porter´s museum. Brian, if you see anything interesting on this picture for you, then let me know...

13 März 2012

NYC, Timezone UTC - 5

I had to work when I had my birthday, but that was a good excuse not to have to organize a party... instead I had a great day and evening in the Big Apple, a bit chilly but with lots of sunshine. The crispy clear air was perfect to take photos.

08 März 2012

Adidas Outdoor app for free

I just added a cool new app on my iPad - it is a free magazine from adidas outdoor, and if you are into outdoor sports, filming and photography, you might like it, as it is really high quality! You find it here:
adidas outdoor app