11 Juli 2010

Safety Briefing

At the safety briefing I met good friends again- it is very international, and the top guys are all here. On these pictures you see the current world champion from Italy, Alex Ploner, and his great team. Also Christian Ciech had won the rigid wing worlds a few times. On the other photo, my Australian friend Jonny Durand who just arrived with a big jet lag and who was superhappy when I got him his share of Red Bull today ;) he is the current Nr. 1 in the world ranking in hang gliding! Right next to him Hungarian pilot and ex-world champion from Texas, Attila Bertok, who also lives in Australia now.
We have to meet at 6pm to walk through the village and to the tent where organizer Juaki will start with the opening ceremony. It won´t last too long, as all the Spanish guys of course want to see the soccer world cup finals! I better hurry up, more pictures later. The clouds over take off look like a little bit of rain, but you never know if it arrives in the valley.

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