12 Juni 2021

Results and official comp page HM 21


So happy I made goal today! But yesterday, I even won the day! And I thought I´d be last. But it was tough for many to get anywhere.

Here you find more photos and the official results. And a new scoring system too! Hessenmeisterschaft 21

11 Juni 2021

Hessenmeisterschaft 2021

Even though weather conditions looked more than doubtful, I decided to join my regional championships, Hessenmeisterschaft, in Carinthia. It rained on takeoff, but around midday the rain stopped and it started clearing up, so the few of us started into a 66km task.

It felt great to fly around some mountains again, but the flight was too short. Some clouds turned the whole valley into shade, and before the sun was back, I landed after barely 20km. Very good training, but I have no idea where I´m ranking today, or if there were any points at all.