18 Juli 2010

Task 6: 111 km around 5 turnpoints

To pay my dues: Gerolf was first in today. And now about not so important people, like me, or Daphne, or the two Attilas (actually Attila and his brother, with intriguing similarity). But what would the top guys be without us "gnus", as Gerolf so charmingly calls us, the "following" pilots. What would the leaders be without us losers? They wouldn´t have half as much fun or glory, so maybe they should pay us workers some respect as well.
Daphne really ripped off a tendon in her finger by putting on her shoes, she already had an operation, and now she can´t fly for a while but will crew for her partner Koos from the Dutch national team.
The other flying couple here is more successful - Gordon Rigg keeps finishing in the top ten, and his wife Kathleen nearly made it to goal again today after having had some neck pain problems yesterday. They are probably the most successful flying couple ever, I wonder when their son Tyler starts flying ;)
Survival was my goal today! That was a good option. Day all blue, quite stable, low base, and just too much tiger country to cross. Poor Lars Bo crashed into the hills because he couldn´t reach a decent field to land (well there were none...), luckily he is ok, but his glider is totalled. I was praying for thermals, and the Lord (or Alex Ploner) found some for me. 4 km before the high turnpoint in the end of a never-come-back-valley with quite significant head wind to get out, I decided to quit, turned around and flew straight to goal. I had already asked for quite a lot today, and I want to be able to enjoy the good day tomorrow as well.
Natalia was fast, but she didnt cross the goal line. Yulia was the only woman at goal with the whole course -congratulations, she is also the best Russian pilot of her whole team.
Andre and Gerd were fast today and landed with the top 10, Roland was a bit slower, Oli and Markus had landed not far from take off. I hope for some good weather tomorrow, with a really high base so we don´t have to look down to see what isn´t there.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

My deepest respect for all "gnus" out there. Not everybody is able to spend as much time on flying than some others. The inventor of this phrase needed 25 years to get there, were he is now, spending a lot of time on green meadows himself. My best regards to all flying chicks out there(still sounds a lot better then gnus, doesnt it). Keep going savely over tigerland which is the same for gnus and for the ohter animals.

cad hat gesagt…

I agree with your sentiment, a nice write up.
I am enjoying watching you and the rest of the team on Livetrack