23 Juli 2010

Task 9: 87km around 2 turnpoints

The day started overcast, low clouds and with some rain. Nevertheless, we went up the hill as the forecast was for sun later in the day. Our optimism paid out - soon it cleared, and cloudbase went up to around 2000m today. The task was out into the flats and then to Calaf goal.
With a wind of about 30 km/h we had to fight a little on the high plain, but the thermals were good.
About 10 km out from goal I nearly landed, but the field I had chosen produced a really strong thermal again, so I could zip up my harness and go to goal. There must have been around 40 in goal today I guess. with Mario probably winning the day, and Gerolf becoming the new European Champion. The Italian team overtood the Austrian team today, it was a really close race between them, and the Pommies might have overtaken the Swiss and got up to 3rd place.
Andre and Oli were first in goal from our team, then Roland and me, Markus and Gerd landed out.
Tonight very late we will have the awards.

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