08 Juli 2010

Preparations for the Europeans in Ager

Two months have passed since this picture at Tegelberg, and Im sure we will fly a lot of days at the European Championships in Ager, starting with registration tomorrow! For the first time, also pilots from other continents are allowed in, as there is plenty of space on take off. Im very happy to see the top pilots from Japan, Colombia and Brazil, as well as the guns from Australia, Blenky and, most of all, current number 1 in the world ranking, Aussie Jonny Durand! Except for Zac Majors, we will have the top ten ranked pilots of the world at Ager, which turns the Euros into a World Class Competition. Our German team will consist of Gerd Doenhuber, a new, extremely talented pilot from Bavaria, also experienced guys like Oli Barthelmes and Roland Woehrle, then we have Andre Djamarani who finished as best German pilot on 11th in the last Europeans, and "new kid on the block" Markus Ebenfeld, an excellent XC pilot who currently leads the German XC ranking by miles.
Im the only woman on the team and I look very much forward to flying with this crew, as there is a lot of experience and good will for team work. Every one of us is ardent to learn and improve his/her skills, and I can´t wait to join my team tomorrow in Ager. They already arrived with the team cars, and I will fly down to Barcelona tomorrow morning, picking up my support team, my dear parents who fly in from Bremen, and then I will report from the cute catalonian village of Ager.

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