04 Mai 2018

My world records ratified!

What a nice notice - today FAI ratified all of my 3 world record flight claims :)))

To get a 405,8 km to a declared goal (previous Yoko Sano 367,6km),
a 407,2km free distance (previous Kari Castle 403,5km),
and 411,0km free distance around up to 3 turnpoints, it was a huge effort. One month travelling in the northeastern outback of Brazil, quite impressive take off and flying conditions with very challenging landing options, a great team of friends who were superchilled (as opposed to the stressed German girl...), and then, on the very last day possible, doing it, going all the way!!! Big thanks for all support from Red Bull, Moyes, Icebreaker and adidas sport eyewear!
Of course during the Forbes competition, Sasha might have beaten all three of my records, so I will go back for the 500km I guess...?! Yes, I miss my Brazilian family and wouldn´t mind to go back to Araruna and Tacima for a while!