16 Juli 2010

Task 4: 195 km around 4 turnpoints

What an epic day! Finally we get a decent base with beautiful clouds along our course. 195 km sounds a lot, considering that the first startgate only opened at 14.45, but in these conditions we could dolphin fly and race from one ridge to the other.
The task took us along a great stone wall a bit south of Castejon de Sos where they often host paragliding world cups. Our team was doing well with Roland furthest ahead of us, regularly updating us about the conditions out in front. "DJ" Andre (Djamarani) gave me the information of the day, a thermal that saved Oli and me a lot of time. Shortly after, Oli caught up, finding a beamer in nowhere land. On final, Gerd told me how it worked around the last turnpoint. Sometime later also Markus got to goal, so we had a big goal party. Birgit is preparing Crema Catalana right now, which she promised to do if we all get to goal.
We all enjoyed the day and it was great to see that the radio is a useful thing and teamwork helps. Now we just need to fly faster, I need some ballast I guess.
First guy in was Gacku (Franz Hermann, Swiss) followed by Jonny (Aus) and Mario (Fra). The top guys did the course in 3,5 hours, I was pretty happy with 4hrs 14 mins for nearly 200 km! And about 50 people in goal.
Sorry, no photos yet, as the mosquitos are chasing me and I fled into the safety net.
I think I won the day in women´s category, soon after also Carole came in (Sui). Carole is flying the best Ive ever seen, it is good to see girls in goal after a long task as well. Natalia landed a bit later. Daphne was in goal, but by car - she had sprained two fingers on takeoff by putting on her shoes (...???) and couldn´t fly unfortunately. I felt sorry, as we don´t often get days like today to fly. This was the best flying weather of my season so far, and I hope we can have another day like this here during the next seven days of the comp.
You can keep following the German Team on Live Tracking

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