29 September 2007

New Film

I just saw the film from Bavarian Television, they made a great story of the Big Spring Worlds, 8 minutes, also featuring the Japanese and Ecuadorian team. They also used some air footage from Koos the Dutch. I guess Charlie will put it soon on the dhv.de homepage into the DHV TV folder so you all can watch it.

Eben lief der Film über die Texas WM auf Bayern 3 und die Redakteurin Helgret Ruff hat aus dem vorhandenen Material eine richtig gute Geschichte erzählt! Ich bin sicher, daß Charlie den Film die nächsten Tage auf dhv.de unter DHV TV posten wird, damit alle ihn sehen können, die ihn verpaßt haben oder Bayern nicht empfangen können.

27 September 2007

BR3 WM-Film am Samstag!

Sorry daß ich solange nichts geschrieben habe, aber auch ich bin einfach nur mal Arbeiten, HoustonSaoPauloBoston, mit wenig Zeit zwischendurch. Reicht meist nur zum Auspacken, Wäsche waschen, einpacken und wieder los. Und zwischendurch habe ich zusammen mit Red Bull an den Filmberichten über Texas gearbeitet.
Heute war ein Interview mit dem Bayerischen Fernsehen, das zusammen mit einem Bericht über die WM am Samstag zwischen 16.05 und 17.30 in "Sport am Samstag" gesendet wird. Die Redakteurin Helgret Ruff ist erfahren in unserem Flugsport, entsprechend wird es sicher wieder ein sehr schöner Beitrag werden. Viel Spaß! Für alle, die BR3 nicht empfangen können, wird Charlie kurz nach der Sendung den Beitrag wie gewohnt aufs DHV-TV posten.
Achja, mehr von diesen Qualitätsfotos gibt es auf den Red Bull Photofiles wenn ihr in der Quick search links oben nur "corinna" eingebt und die Suche startet.

Sorry for not having posted any news lately, but I was flat out working for Lufthansa, HoustonSaoPauloBoston with not much time inbetween. Just enough to work on the Texas film footage with Red Bull, and I got a really good story on DVD (again in German...), I guess Charlie will post it soon on DHV-TV. A lot of the participating pilots are in it, I will let you know when it is online.
This morning I had an Interview with Bavarian Television which will be broadcasted this Saturday at 4.05-5.30 pm on BR3, for the guys who can receive that channel. The editor Helgret Ruff is very interested and experienced in producing films about the flying scene, she also made a great story about the German Open, so I expect another quality film on Saturday. I will tape it and Charlie will also publish it soon on DHV-TV so everybody can watch it.
If you like the photo, you can see more in the Red Bull Photofiles if you enter "corinna" into the quick search at the top left.

10 September 2007

Texas Film

Here you will find a short film about the worlds in Texas- sorry, only in German:


Auf diesem Link findet ihr einen Film über die WM in Texas, der vor Ort gedreht worden ist. In den nächsten Tagen wird Charlie auch auf DHV TV einige Updates von Texas veröffentlichen. Auf München TV lief eine schöne Reportage. Ich fahre jetzt los, um die Tapes in Heidelberg abzuliefern, danach gibts eine Woche Standby- alles ist möglich!

05 September 2007


On Sunday I left for Cologne to stay with my brother, a paraglider pilot from Cologne took me with her, after having left some of my luggage with Regina and some with my parents. I dont know the city that well, but when I was dropped in Deutz, it turned out I didnt even need to. The tram doors opened and there was - smiling at me - my brothers girlfriend! She just finished her work at the exhibition centre and was on the way to him. We both couldnt believe our luck. Specially as it turned out that the way to my brothers place would have been more complicated than I expected.
We had Chinese dinner together, then I went to bed since I had to leave early the next morning. The train to Frankfurt airport left before 6am... I had to do the first aid and emergency training, which was more fun than expected - look at my first aid creation on the photo! We laughed a lot, it was a great group and a fun teacher.
The next day, while my brother went off to Venezuela, I had to fly to Houston again, where I am right now. Cloudy skies, lots of storms yesterday. Not much time though, we had a big delay in Frankfurt, so it was just enough time over here to eat, sleep and do some training, running and weights. Now Im nearly leaving again already. Looks like a fun flight with those big clouds out there...

02 September 2007

Fun Cup

Today I signed in for the Fun Cup, ground handling a paraglider around two turnpoints and crossing some straw bails. Rebi lent me her Warsteiner glider and helped me to open it, yet I had a pretty tough run... and a lot of fun, as Lenny, young son of Andreas Schubert of Flugschule Wasserkuppe, really showed me how to ground handle paragliders!
Eventually, after a lot of sweat, I got around the parcours and for sure I will be back in Warstein next year for the Montgolfiade. Its a great way to present our sport to the wide public who usually just watches the balloons taking off. Maybe we found one or the other who might subscribe for a beginners course.
Thanks to Rebi and her family for hosting my parents and me! We will be back with them for the annual meeting of our hanggliding association which is also up here in Warstein.

Warsteiner Brewery

So this is where the famous beer originates!
Pictures taken yesterday during my flight in the dragonfly with Jürgen Rüdinger.
My friend Rebi, patiently answering a million questions a day, organizing the event here with the Skyglider Warstein team and her father.

Nightglow Warsteiner Montgolfiade

After the Balloonists returned from their trip last night, some of them set up their gear again to give the audience a great show. While music was playing, they kept turning on their heaters, letting the balloons glow in the night. After that, the fireworks started exploding to the music. We were really lucky with the weather as it stayed dry. You should have seen the traffic jam after the show... but we didnt get jammed because we followed Rebekka the local, she showed us how to escape the crowd so we could get at least a few hours of sleep in.
Still it started too early this morning, at least for my Boston jet lag taste. The sky is grey again, but the fun cup will start in an hour anyway, led by Mike Küng. Rebi offered me her paraglider, so maybe I can participate. Maybe I need a few more Red Bull before that ;)
When it is so dark like autumn, I dont feel too inspired to set up my glider, having just returned from the ultimate, hottest summer i ever experienced (Big Spring, Texas). Im wearing two Icebreaker thermal shirts, a Red Bull fleece and two Adidas jackets to stay warm, looking a bit like the Michelin man. Still some pilots walked up to me yesterday, looking at me, saying," Oh you are really very small...". Bill Moyes put it that way:"How can a skinny little bird like you fly that well?"
Anyway, action starts over here, the wind is picking up, the Balloons give way for the show of us hangglider and paraglider pilots. Even Jürgen Rüdinger is back already for more tows with his dragonfly, must have been about 40 times he pulled people up yesterday.
More pictures later.

01 September 2007

Montgolfiade Warstein

One week after Texas, Ive already been to Bangalore and Boston, went to Bremen yesterday to see my parents and drove with them to Warstein today to see the biggest Balloon meet in Europe, a German Albuquerque - I took a lot of photos, thinking of my flatmate Mark whos father is on a retrieve crew in Albuquerque.
Even though the sky was grey, it was an overwhelming, colourful picture to see about 140 Balloons taking off. Mike Kung jumped off the helicopter and gave a great acro show, also did the Renegades. A lot of paraglider pilots were towing, and some hangglider pilots flew as well. I went up with Juergen in his Dragonfly to take some photos of the Warstein Brewery. Only today I saw about 40 Warstein Balloons, there must be hundreds of them all over the world!
Manfred Ruhmer is here, showing off great spins and loops in his Swift, beautiful to watch. Tomorrow Joerg and I will hopefully fly as well. Today I still felt a little jetlagged...
We are hosted by my young para- and hangglider friend Rebi who lives closeby in Belecke, she will hopefully soon join our national team!
Its great to see an event with lots of different kinds of flying. Tonight there will be fireworks and also glowing of the Balloons, if they make it back in time.
More photos and news tomorrow.
Ah yes, Regina and me were speeding around like hoons on that little fun cart...