30 April 2012

No task but test flight with some rain

This morning we picked up Matjaz, went up Emberger Alm and optimistically set up our gliders even though the sky was grey. We waited and socialized, a lot of pilots were interested in the new small Moyes wing, and I was happy to show them. It went darker and the west wind on launch started kicking in, so after 13.30, the day was cancelled. I decided to fly down hopefully before the rain came over into the Drau Valley.
It is truely an international competition, with Suan Selenati (Ita), Matjaz Clemencic, a few Austrians and even Russians! Not bad at all for our usually small regional "Hessenmeisterschaft" - also the German League has entered the comp, so we have about 55 pilots and quite a good field this time.
I had to wait quite a while on launch for a little bit of not too crossing wind and eventually had a really great take off - the new a frame helps me a lot to lift the base bar higher above the ground.
Sure enough, some rain moved in and my sail got a bit wet. On top, there was no wind when I came in for landing... I did a big flare and the wing stalled perfectly, two steps and I was smiling!
While waiting for pick up, I helped a young pilot, Max from Switzerland, to tune his sail symmetrically. Looks nice now, it should fly straight as.
Also important - I got an Austrian mobile phone card so I can twitter and go online whereever I take off and land, because Gerolf complained that the reports about comps were not fast enough online lately. Well I wasn´t in Florida, but over here, I will try my best to keep you informed about tasks and results as fast as possible... but it is true, it was much easier in Australia to get an internet connection through my iphone and keep people updated, over here you always have to adjust the whole settings in the phone... Im trying!

29 April 2012


No flying today, as the wind up high was way too much. At the opening briefing of Hessenmeisterschaft, some good news: A pg girl who landed with her reserve on a snow field up high yesterday had been rescued by the helicopter in the morning. Her phone went flat and they couldnt find her last night, but she was smart and slept (maybe not slept, but survived) in her canope. Since we had a lot of snow recently and now it is quite warm, the risk of avalanches is superhigh and she would have had difficulties trying to walk down.
No rain, just some high clouds and wind, perfect for preparing the gear and for arriving in this beautiful, perfect place. A den for the gliders, a wind shielded spot in front of the house to set up the gliders and check them, a huge, safe landing field that belongs to the farm, and we can see take off from bed when we wake up... what more could I wish for? I hope I can come back for the Austrian Nationals, I love Greifenburg!
Looks like we will start the comp tomorrow, the wind will die down, a few clouds will be around - I don´t care too much really, I am keen on testing this beautiful wing in all kinds of weather situations (well, except for storm like today maybe ;))

Hessenmeisterschaft Greifenburg, Day 1

Yesterday I was filming a funny teaser for Red Bull Flugtag which will be in 4 weeks, on May 28th in Mainz Zollhafen. As soon as the film is online, I will link it for you!
After that, I drove to Greifenburg where the Hessenmeisterschaft was supposed to start today. I thought on the southern side of the main ridge of the alps, the wind would calm down, but when I was driving, I already felt that the southerly was quite extreme also after the Tauern tunnels.
Currently we see a 116km/h wind at Sonnblick which is about 60 km away from our take off mountain Emberger Alm. Already yesterday people complained about a lot of turbulence, so I guess they will call the day for safety reasons.

19 April 2012

RX3 in Greifenburg

From Sunday April 29 to May 6th I will be in Greifenburg and fly the Hessenmeisterschaft. I will bring the RX3, and if you are a lightweight pilot like me, you can testfly this great small new glider!
In Australia, Kathryn is flying to one goal after the other, she is doing extremely well in the Dalby competition on her Moyes RX3: Dalby results
Kathryn´s blog
It is fun to cruise around in a machine with great handling. Easy to fly and very fast! Unfortunately the weather here in Europe has not quite turned on to big XC yet, but soon in May we should get some big flights.
During the German Open at Tegelberg from May 15th to May 20th you have another chance for testflying the RX3!

10 April 2012

Final Results

55km task on the last day after a long helicopter rescue of a free flyer rigid wing who took off from the ramp at Beppi. Torture to wait for so long up in the cloud, but at least the day opened up and some real thermals started in the late afternoon.

Late prize giving at Bassano, at 9pm as usual:
1. Primoz
2. Alex Ploner and Michi Friesenbichler

Team Italy won, team Germany on 2nd, Jörg best German in 6th place.

1. Natalia Petrova
2. Corinna
3. Kathleen Rigg

08 April 2012

Bassano: 7./8. cancelled, rain and snow

Yesterday afternoon the tourists in Venice could watch a special show by the Thévenot family in front of the Duomo. If there is no flying, there are many other possibilities to have fun! Like going up the mountain and socialize in the cloud, in the rain, snow or sleet ;) In the afternoon the day was finally cancelled, with much better prospects for tomorrow. Pilots never give up!

07 April 2012

Results Day 1

Here you find the results of the first day of the Trofeo. The paragliding task was stopped, furthest pilot was Brandy (Josef Brandner, used to be on the Austrian HG national team), with Petra Slivova in 3rd as best woman!
The exhibition was open today and had many visitors, as it was quite rainy again. Looks like some flying is possible tomorrow and on Monday, the last possible day. A cold front will bring snow on launch tomorrow.

06 April 2012

Sad news

This morning also the Meeting crowd was shocked to hear about the fatal accident of Dave Seib in Brazil - another great pilot will race the skies forever. Everything seems to fade next to those severe news. Short task of 75 km, nobody in goal, Primoz and Fredy probably won the day at around 55 km after 2 TP. Base below launch until 2.45, a short window of a few hours. Loads of rain in goal just after 5pm, more rain predicted for tomorrow. PG cancelled the day.

03 April 2012

The Felix Baumgartner Story on LH flights!

If you are flying with Lufthansa this month, have a closer look at the movie program - you will find "The Felix Baumgartner Story", an exciting documentation of Felix´highlights of base jumping, also showing part of his actual Stratos project! Great photo and film footage of the athlete´s life, and Felix is commenting on his development through the documentary.
Who says Lufthansa is conservative? I was pleasently surprised and will recommend this great film to passengers who are bored and "have seen all the cinema movies".