05 Juli 2010

Interview with Colonel Joe, NY

During the Red Bull Air Race in New York, I had the unique chance to talk to Colonel Joe Kittinger again, a great legend of American aviation who still holds the altitude record for free fall, from 102000 ft!
He is working together with Felix Baumgartner on his Stratos-project where the Austrian base jump hero want to dive off a balloon from 36000 m and go supersonic. Colonel Joe always reminds me of Aussie hang gliding legend Bill Moyes, both of them having a great humour and that innovative spirit that forces them to go beyond existing limits and try anyway. I wonder if they ever met? Strong characters, amazing wisdom and a solid love for life and anything that flies!
Colonel Joe just published his autobiography "Come up and get me" - I really need to get that book soon, as he is revealing some facts about his time at Roswell... aliens or no aliens? If you click on the photo or here, you can see us talking at the High Flyers Lounge at the Air Race.
If you ever go to Orlando, don´t miss to visit the aviation museum "Fantasy of Flight" - chances are high that you might get to meet Colonel Joe visiting his friend, founder of the museum, Kermit Weeks, flying his beautifully restored planes in Polk City.

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