12 Juli 2010


... not in soccer, but in Vilamitjana. Today we had to fly a 134 km task around 4 turnpoints. Quite ambitious I thought, as the sky was covered in Cirrus and the air looked stable. After I took off, base was at about 2000m and everything was really slow. I could have taken the last startgate, but I was 4 kms away and couldnt be bothered to fly back and do all that work again, getting up in slow lift.
A small group of us started out and we got along alright. Not really fast. Tiger country - canyons and hills, I desperately wanted to get to goal. Lucky that my climbs worked out well today so I eventually got around the course, even if not exactly with a fast time. The days are starting late and ending late. Roland was in goal as well, but my other team mates landed out. Too bad, the top 3 of the day score for the team. Hungarian Balasz Ujhely (I always get the spelling of his name wrong, sorry Balasz! at least I can pronounce it...) won the day.
If you want to follow us online, we are using these cool life tracking devices, you can follow us life here!
A great start into the comp for me, I was first woman in goal. But it was only the first day of a long competition, I hope we get to fly a long task like today in really easy conditions too.
Sorry that I can´t upload any photos at the moment, I don´t know why and will try later.

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