25 Januar 2020

Help for Miguel and his son Patricio


Sometimes you need a friend, or as many as there are, to help you through a difficult situation. I´d like to share with you how I met Miguel Gutierrez.
Many years ago, at the Cucco Worlds in 1999, I went there just to write about the event and our German national team, for DHV and Drachenfliegermagazin. I was traveling with Tascha, my kiwi friend, and our gliders. Unfortunately, my car broke down in Italy. The Germans had no space for us on their team transport, but the Mexican team took pity on us and we joined them on rides up to take off, and also on sightseeing tours. I will never forget our walk through Perugia when suddenly the guys started singing cause they liked the accoustics of the narrow streets so much - all windows opened, and the guys got a big Italian applause!
Miguel invited me to come over to Valle de Bravo where he was running his hang gliding and paragliding school "Alas del Hombre" and organized competitions. He completely hosted me, helped getting my glider out of customs, retrieved. I had a great time flying in Mexico, and this wasn´t my only trip!
Miguel has since organized several World Cups and world championships (and almost lost his house cause some sponsors wouldn´t come up with the promised money in time), in his quiet and humble manner, always promoting our sport of free flying. Oh I forgot - while Miguel was competing, he was the top ranking hang glider pilot of the Mexican team, a really talented pilot. It runs in the family - his dad was Mexicos first pilot ever, his brothers, cousins, and also his son Patricio fly.
Now Patricio suffered his first accident, in Valle de Bravo. I was surprised that costs for medical treatment in Mexico can easily surpass even the high costs in the US.
If you have a little bit to spare, please help our friend Miguel - I know he wouldn´t ask for it, but he is very moved already to see that there are so many friends world wide who like to support him and Pat!