21 Dezember 2015

Christmas markets and a lot of work flying

This time of year has been incredibly busy with work. Even over Christmas time I didn´t get time off, but I have to "wait" for a flight - I´m on standby, which means that I´m sitting in Frankfurt airport, ready to go where ever the company sends me to. Nothing has happened the last couple of days, I guess it will be right over Christmas.
Luckily I managed to squeeze in a few days in Bremen to say hi to family and friends. The Christmas market - and the Glühwein from Ratskeller, the old, traditional wine cellar under the old town hall of Bremen, is one of the best I know. And thanks to El Niño, it wasn´t even cold :) almost reminded me of Christmas in Sydney - weeellll, just missing the dune gooning, and some of the best friends one can have!
Even in Chicago a few days ago it wasn´t below zero, no snow in the city yet. But I still prefer the weather I found in Bangkok two weeks ago - a pleasant 30 C and a bit of sun here and there!
You can still bet where I have to go to over Christmas - very likely some strange place my colleagues are not too keen on, like Teheran or Lagos, Tashkent or Almaty? Anyway, I will take pictures and keep you posted! I wish I could have gone to the Forbes competition which starts on Dec 31st, but I needed all my holiday to make the German Open, the Euros and the pre worlds in summer. Good luck to all the pilots who go there this year, hope you get great weather and good flights!