31 Januar 2016

Ispo Munich

Always exciting to find and try new gadgets at Europes biggest sports exhibition Ispo in Munich. Here I´m trying some new glasses from adidas, and I can just swap them for the ones I currently have in my Tycane! Can´t wait to try them when flying and see how they work with the visor of my helmet.

It was cool to meet other Red Bull athletes there, like Dominik Gührs (wakeboard) and Florian Neuenschwander (ultra long distance running - he won the Wings for Life World Run in Germany).
Sure the winter sport guys were busy racing in the mountains. 

06 Januar 2016

Mexico, D.F.

It´s always an intense work flight to go to Mexico City, but I can´t help to smile all the way because I like the country so much. Great to dive into the cultures of Toltec, Aztec and Maya history, this time I went to see the pyramids of Teotihuacan again. Very good training to walk up the Sun pyramid, and after that half of the Moon pyramid too!
Of course I like shopping some fresh veggies on the Merced market, some things I can only get here, like blue corn tortillas, nopales, xicama... the list is long :)
I owe all my local knowledge to my wonderful Mexican friends Miguel Gutierrez, Aldo Rohlfs and many others who took me around explaining many secrets that "normal" tourists will never experience, and I am very greatful for that! Also I usually have some new colleagues with me to introduce them to the most interesting sites and flavours of the city, so they will always look forward to their next stay in this amazing place.
How do you like the special Mexican Christmas tree in our hotel, made from all real Christmas star flowers?