30 Juli 2010

Monte Cucco Pre Worlds - Déja-vu

What a race - Ager, Frankfurt, Seattle, Frankfurt, Munich, and now finally Sigillo, with not much time between. It was raining hard when we arrived today in Italy at the site of the pre-worlds, and it is a cool 19 C. We are waiting for the safety briefing at the moment, and there are a lot of pilots here who I had seen in Spain a week ago, it is a funny déja-vu over here. Francoise is here to help the CIVL, Jamie and Claudia are also involved in the organization. I haven´t seen Vicki yet, but she must also be around. It is nice when the world comes to Europe to fly! I just hope we will get some good days this week.
The Brazilians are here with a big team, I remember that they won the team gold medal here at Cucco 10 years ago. Also some Aussies are here, and the Americans - in fact Davis and Belinda are my next door neighbours. Blay just said that they have 9 Spanish pilots in this comp! At the pizzeria we joined together with Hadewych, Christa and Hans and later with half of the Swiss team. Looks like there might be more than 150 competitors, the biggest meet of this year!
Organizer Flavio told me (and agrees with Davis) that the forecast for tomorrow is not too good. Well a rest day for me to settle down, update and prepare everything would be nice. Pizza is as fantastic as ever, and there are quite a few events scheduled for this week, like tomorrow night the fiesta de la birra, the beer party in Sigillo - I know my father would love it! No pictures at the moment, as Im not working on my own computer.

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