04 Februar 2017


In only one week on Lanzarote, I was lucky enough to fly almost all take offs. We started in Macher, and my first flight surprised me - I had expected just soaring, but it was thermalling all the time! And actually quite choppy too. Good training after a month on the ground!
Then I was introduced to Famara with a wonderful late afternoon flight. Also just thermals, no soaring, and landing on the beach. Primoz did a fun tandem flight on that day- a guy had bought his future wife a tandem flight as a surprise! She was very surprised, and thankfully seemed to really enjoy the flying in Famara!
My third flight was in Mala, where I also met quite a lot of flying friends from Germany who wanted to escape winter like me.
On my last day, Johnny Nilssen took me tandem. As an aerobatic and float landing specialist, he really knows how to land well in small spaces - I was impressed how well our landing worked out!
I could have flown a fifth day in Mala, but my glider had been rented out. Instead I was just as happy to help my friends on take off, catch them again at landing, help packing up, taking a car down and just cruising.