09 Oktober 2018

Red Bull Athlete´s summit in Leipzig

Here we are, a group of German Red Bull athletes of all sorts of unsusual sports, meeting in Leizpzig for the first summit in Germany ever. I think we were all awe-struck looking at the huge RB Leipzig stadium, from the players point of view. Then watching an intro about Robby Naish - and next we know, he comes in and is live in front of us, sharing some of his stories of how he got involved with Red Bull and why it´s such a special bunch of athletes.
So respectful, so humble, so thankful for what he could accomplish so far - what a top guy! I had always wanted to get to know him, and when I had a short stay in Big Island a couple of years ago, I emailed him to see if he´s around. He answered a few months later, excusing for the late answer, but he had just been in hospital with a major injury, a broken pelvis, and couldn´t get back earlier... Then already I thought he is one of the good guys, but talking to him today really gave another dimension to it.
People who know me know that I´m not into watersports at all, but I am always inspired by people who live their dreams, who fly high, but stay very grounded an approachable at the same time.
The next 2 days are going to be extraordinary! I will keep you posted!