31 Juli 2010

Day 1 pre-worlds: cancelled

Today cloud base was way below take off and the wind gusting up to 70 km/h, so at the second briefing at 11am, today´s task was cancelled. Time to get prepared for tomorrow, it looks like we might have to go to TrePizzi where it is a long, exhausting way to carry up the glider to take off.
I am in a retrieve team with Jonny Durand, and Timothy Ettridge is our driver. I had discussed with Tim today about Christian´s and Gerd´s similarity to "Aragorn" actor Viggo Mortensen - I tool a photo so you can vote on it ;) I think Christian, the guy on the left, looks more similar, but Tim definitely went for Gerd, the guy on the right. Anyway, very attractive and talented German Team members. We are about 15 German pilots here which seems a lot, but then the Aussies are 8 and their way to come over was way longer! Good to see Jonny (poor guy is fixing gliders all the time here for Moyes pilots), Flocky, Camo, Blenky, Trent, Neil, Ebels and Les Bestt, also Vicki and "uncle" Greg are here!
And many girls in the comp too (Christa, Monique, Julia, Natalia, Carole, Hadewych and me, too bad Virpi and Kathleen couldn´t come, Kathryn will join in later and free fly, and Regina might arrive on Monday too).

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