09 Juli 2010

Arriving in Ager, Spain: 37C!

Today I flew to Barcelona, got our little rental car, tried to organize sim-cards for the phones (it only took one hour to buy 8 cards for my team... takes forever to get them registered in the shops, they have a strict policy after the terror attacks from Madrid).
Driving to Ager takes about 3 hours - it is very scenic on the way, majestic birds soaring all along.
Primoz was one of the top two again today, so it looks good for him to rank high in the Spanish Nationals, only 19 points behind Marc Utrillo in 1st place.
Tomorrow it´s official registration for the Euros, a day to check the gear, charge all varios, radios, gps´s, mobile phones, and charge one´s own energies. I feel safe under my mozzie net - from last year I remember those little buggers and brought a remedy this time.

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