13 Juli 2010

Day 2 Task 2: Tuesday the 13th

Yesterday all worked out and went well, today all that could go wrong went wrong. Bad position at the start gates (always too low), not flying perfect lines, losing my dextrose bits that I had tape-glued into the helmet (to take before landing), air in the camel bag that prevented me from drinking... Im so glad that despite not exactly a "flow" I still somehow ended up in goal, even if as one of the last. Tired, but happy.
5 of the German team in goal with Roland as best German, only Oli landed at the last turnpoint. Gerolf won the day, followed by Blay and Jonny.
Tomorrow is a new day, and it looks like we will finally see some clouds on course - that would be so helpful. If you watch our flights with the life tracking on google maps, you can imagine the kind of tiger country that we are crossing every day.
Early night tonight to be well rested for another long day tomorrow.

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