14 Juli 2010

Day 3: cancelled, wind too strong, big chance of cb´s

Today the safety committee decided to cancel the day - we will see around 40 to 50 km/h wind at 3000m (already yesterday driving back from goal we saw some lenticular clouds in the mountains), and there is also a high chance of thunderstorms in our area.
Gerd seems happy - he will go kiteboarding on one of the lakes, Roland, Andre and Markus left with him, while Oli decided to go canoeing with a different group.
For me, this day means I can catch up with work. Washing, cleaning, preparing, writing, reading, finishing the stuff that I did not get done while travelling a lot the past weeks. And of course- recharging energies for the following days. A lot of water, good healthy food, and a good rest. Then I will be ready to fly another 140 km tomorrow!
It also gives the organizers some time to figure out the scoring system - there are no official results yet, just provisional ones that might change any time.

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