31 März 2013

Bassano Day 4

 Two different air masses were moving around our area, a cold front in the west and a warm front in the east, we are in the occlusion. We could see blue sky and sunshine in the west at Schio, and dark low clouds and rain two our east at Crespano. Again they sent all (remaining 30) paraglider and hangglider (10) pilots up to Rubbio launch because they saw a possibility for some lift around 2pm. This morning Didier Mathurin told me the same, his XC Skies saw a chance to fly between 3 and 5pm, but there was also the possibility of rain or even storms later during the day in the mountain area. Out in the flatlands in front of us to the south it looked better.
No one except two Aeros pilots who had to do some measurements on their gliders with Primoz set up their wings. As soon as there was some sun in the plains, all the rain from the last three days started to evaporate and formed low clouds. Base moved up, so we were waiting in the cloud most of the time until they decided to cancel the day at 1.20pm. There will be an information at 3pm what they expect for tomorrow and if there will be a task or not. At the moment it is raining again at the goal field at Garden Relais.
I went to Murano yesterday and had a look at the colourful glass works that this Venetian island is famous for. Also I found a church where I didn´t have to pay for having a look around. A nice painting of Tintoretto and one Bellini, several huge frescoes and other paintings, and we were the only people in the church. I always liked the idea to see the art in the place it had been created for, but lately they adapted the concept of Florence to just charge for every little bit you want to see.
In the evening, the organizers offered live music and free pasta in the exhibition tent. Just around the tent you had to cross quite some pools and mud wholes ;)

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