10 März 2013

Day 6: 93km around 4 Tp

 Today we flew a short last task because the organizers wanted to do the awards ceremony at the landing at the lake of Valle de Bravo in daylight. A quick 93km around 4 turnpoints and we saw many happy faces in goal. Wind was stronger than yesterday, but luckily it was less pitch testing!
Matt Barker from L.A. won the day and finished 3rd overall, local hero Rudy Gotes took 2nd place overall, and Zippy won the competition with a good lead. Amazing Erick Salgado - he only flew a couple of tasks as he arrived late, but he is right in the top 3 again after not having flown for a few years. I remember him from having been on the Mexican national team at Monte Cucco. The Mexicans will have a strong team here for the worlds!
Kip Stone (USA) won sport class, his first competition a full success!
Everything was well organized and it is great to see how much effort Miguel and Claudia put into this comp. As well as Rudy Gotes - he helped to organize the meeting, looked after Matt, Zippy, Patrick, Pedro and me, organized our trip to Valle, organized a glider for me, had us stay with him, yet he flew like a champion too!
All the Mexicans offered us a very warm welcome, and they were very open to any kind of comments we had about tasks, scoring, launching, set up and goal fields. Im looking forward to coming back next year for the pre-worlds to Valle de Bravo!

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