06 März 2013

Task 2: 146km around 4 turnpoints

Yesterdays resuts here.
Just a brief update, as Im tired and hungry! The task was 146km around 4 turnpoints with goal 30 km northeast of Valle on the 2500m high plains of Toluca.
We started at 1.30 pm again, deadline was 17.30 so the retrieves wouldnt be too late.
The day was slower than yesterday and base wasn´t as high. Only Rudy made it to goal, even though he didnt feel well and was quite sick last night. Zippy, David Segura and Matt Barker just short of goal, I landed with Santiago Corral, Patrick Kruse, and Alexandre Menard at the lake again.
Yesterday´s results have been corrected after Davis pointed a problem with the Gap settings out.

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