26 März 2013

Bassano, or not Bassano...

... that is the question! As usual when Easter is early, the weather looks very poor. Just too cold and rainy. But I just cleaned my Moyes RX 3 (thanks for recommending the pressure air method, Jörg, it was perfect to get the red Forbes dust out of the seams; and REALLY huge thanks to my friends for their patience, help and the space. It is snowing outside, 10cm since this morning, no fun to set up a glider outside in that kind of weather) - and the wing really wants to get into the air, no matter where or for how long!
Sure it won´t be a comp like Forbes or Valle de Bravo, but if there is a day off, I will just visit Tizian, Canaletto and the pigeons on the Piazza di San Marco ;) I hope some of my friends will turn up so we can dream of summer and plan the next flying adventures!

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