01 April 2013

Bassano for the Europeans?

After having set up and packed up three days in the clouds, most of us left Bassano when it started raining heavily again on day 4. Take offs and landing fields looked like mud pools, and low cloud base, cold temperatures and a lot of humidity would limit the flying conditions for the last day.
The remaining 13 pilots, two rigid wing and 11 flex pilots, flew a short task between Rubbio and Possagno. With a base of just 1300m, the crossings must have been difficult. Christian Ciech got furthest, followed by Davide Guiducci and Suan Selenati. Uli Eysel and Norbert Kirchner were the only German pilots left in the comp.
Interesting news is that the Bassano organizers are thinking about putting on the next European championships in hang gliding. Since there was no bid yet, they should be able to be successful with their offer, even if they can´t organize a pre-europeans in time.

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Jamie Shelden hat gesagt…

There actually is a bid for the Europeans Corinna. It's from Juaki and his team for a site in Spain (I can't remember the name of the place at the moment). But, I think it's very likely to be accepted - which makes me happy because I think Juaki is one of the best meet directors in the world ;-).