05 März 2013

Toto, I think we´re not in Greifenburg anymore...

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We flew a 90km around 3 turnpoints with goal at the Lake. Plenty for me for the first day. A glider Ive never flown before (but a model I know well, Rudy organized a Litespeed 3,5s for me), bit of jetlag, task and safety committee, foot lauch (after Forbes and only aerotowing) and quite strong conditions on launch too.
The first part of the flight it was quite bumpy, but Im also very small on the glider and only took 1l of water as ballast today. Out to Divisadero turnpoint, it was not as converging as Miguel promised, but the way back was a bit easier. I just tried to stay high and out of trouble.
I was flying with another pilot most of the task and only realized after landing at goal that it was Santiago Corral, Juan´s brother. It was great to share the thermal that took us up to 4500m with him. On the eastern side of take off, it was really smooth and nice, 5m and really very calm. We went to Monarca, to the butterfly sanctuary, but I didn´t see any of them in the air.
Landing at the lake was easy with the laminar smooth wind. Zippy won the day ahead of Matt and Rudy, David and me. In sport class, Cyril (Zero) from GB was the only one who made goal, and he also did his personal best today.
The nicest thing happened after landing - a local pilot, Pony, helped me to pack up my glider! So nice to enjoy the view and the sun at the lake after a nice flight and somebody just does the work so I can relax a bit and celebrate to be able to fly in Valle again with some good old friends and many new ones!

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