17 März 2013

Playa del Carmen, Timezone GMT - 5

 After having been to a great competition of 6 days full on race flying in Valle de Bravo, I went to a Spanish course in Playa del carmen. Starting at 8 am every morning, with just three advanced students we raced through the whole grammar within a week.
It must have been good for something. Yesterday when I went for a walk along the beach, a desperate British girl wanted to know what you can "really" do in Playa. She said it all seems so artificial and touristy, sooo many US and Canadian tourists just getting drunk.
No idea why she chose me to ask this question, maybe because of my scabby looking knee, maybe because my clothes gave her the right impression - my sponsor´s slogan is "Real people in every timezone!" And sure I told her all the secrets I know, the best time to go the the various pyramids, the best authentic mexican food, snorkeling with turtles... she seemed relieved, because for a moment she said she was angry that her backpacking friend had recommended Playa to her. But he only knew Playa until 5 years ago, and it has grown and changed quite a bit since then.
Our conversation made me feel very privileged to have friends like Miguel, Rudy, Aldo, Santiago, Juan, and all of the great guys who flew and worked at the comp. The guys who let me participate a bit in their life, who welcome me and who have been showing me their "real" Mexico for quite some time now, this beautiful, colourful country! Thanks for your effort, and also for your parent´s patience, Rudy, they did a great job teaching me more Spanish, my teacher at the school was impressed!

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