28 März 2013

Bassano day 1 - cancelled at 12.30pm

Looks like there were still about 33 pilots desperate and faithful enough to drive to Bassano. The forecast had changed to the better two days ago, there was a possibility of some sun, and in fact we saw it this morning. Not for too long - when I finished setting up my glider, it started snowing, and you could barely see the bombout field. As it didn´t get better and was raining in the valley already, the day was cancelled. Some pilots took off anyway, but just to try and glide out to the goal field in Semonzo. Suan said he got here with 88m of height above the goal field, but it was raining almost half of the 10 km.
It is raining at the Garden Relais Goal in Semonzo now and it is very dark outside. We might get a chance to go to Venice as tourists tomorrow. There is a huge crowd of paragliders here and we saw them all on take off today, as we all went to Rubbio. It is a first off for me to be on the same launch as the 120 paraglider pilots, but cloud base was low, and there is still quite a lot of snow on the Campeggia launch.
It was very nice to have lunch with my family and a good friend from Bassano in the very old part of the town. Tonight we have the big dinner night at Antica Abazzia (which most of us just know as the "ruin", because it used to be like that before they reconstructed it), they always sponsor a real Italian dinner with several courses, very good food. Time for me to catch up with some socializing with the other hang gliding and paragliding guys.
On launch I met Yvonne Dathe who is now the sports director in the board of the DHV. She and her boyfriend Thomas Ide are on the German paragliding national team and here to compete.
Natalia came here all the way from Russia, but I guess the weather can´t get much worse than in Moscow or Kiew at the moment...

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