09 März 2013

Day 5: Goal at Piano

 Yesterday I tried to land out. I found a really big, flat field at about the same height at launch, 2300m. And it was the only nice looking one for a while...
When I touched down, a big dust cloud went up and I sank about 20cm into the fine dust. And then I knew why everybody looks dirty out here - I did too! They said now I look like a real Mexican woman ;)
I had nice company immediately, boys, horses and dogs. We talked a bit and they were keen to help me. I radioed the retrieve driver and within 40 minutes I was on my way back to the Piano goal where they served some food for the pilots and Chifuz downloaded the tracks.
Zippy had some problems with the download but he could solve it and he is leading by a huge margin now. Almost everybody but me made the goal after 110km.
I will try to do better today!

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