04 März 2013

Valle de Bravo

This morning I was awake at 4am, and we went to Valle de Bravo at 7.30, going to Rudy´s place where Zippy and Matt already unpacked their gliders in the garden. I helped Fabian to set up his brand new RX3 and was quite jealous ;) but Rudy had organized a Litespeed 3,5s for me to fly, and I was more than happy that I didnt have to bring my glider over.
When we finally went up the mountain, I got really tired and was reminded that I had been up for around 40 hours the previous two days... so I decided to take it easy, help on launch at el Peñon and then have a rest.
Now Im at registration in Valle. Fabian said he loves his new glider and had a wonderful flight. Most guys landed at the lake in Valle.
Tomorrow the comp starts and the weather looks good for the whole week. It is 7pm now and already dark outside, so our days won´t be as long as Forbes. Im looking forward to flying tomorrow.
When we came in for landing at Mex airport yesterday, I could see a lot of snow on the Popocatepetl.

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