26 Juli 2011

Worlds Day 8: Cucco South!

Sunshine - finally! They pilots are hyped up and rigging their gliders on Cucco South take off. The sky is blue now, but rain and storms are possible today, so it might be an early, short racing task. As it doesn´t look like too many more good days, tension is in the air...
Briefing is on right now, and you can see the clouds growing behind them, that´s why they will probably task to the west!
114 kms around 4 turnpoints today, including Gubbio, but never moving too far away from goal at Costacciaro, to stay safe in case of overdeveloptment. Thanks for the fast updates on the Cucco Blog and great photos, the organizers are doing an incredible job to let the rest of the world participate!
Startgates open at 13.20 and 13.40 - keep your fingers crossed that the clouds stay fly-friendly today! And the window is open...
News: The Italian Twins win the day - Alex Ploner and Christian Ciech first in goal!!! Primoz and Manfred follow closely. Gerd, Andre, Christian and Roland not far behind! Many people will make it today, big gaggles approaching goal. Watch the Real Time Results Download on the official Cucco Comp homepage for more details!
Also it looks like Chrigel could win his secon Red Bull Xalps competition tomorrow - he is already at 98 km out of Monaco and could be arriving tomorrow during the day! Anybody flying to Nice with me tomorrow? I need a driver to Monaco... I would love to chear Chrigel for his incredible performance!

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