10 Juli 2011

PG Worlds in Spain over

After only 2 tasks, the paragliding world chmpionship in Piedrahita was stopped by the CIVL. Two fatal accidents on the second day made the CIVL decide to ban open class competition gliders from world and european championships, so they had to finish this years comp earlier than expected.
Yet two rounds were enough after official rules to have a valid new world champion, Charles Cazeau (Fra). Luca Donini (Ita) 2nd, and Pepe (Andreas) Malecki from our German team is 3rd (on the photo), I think his best result ever - congrats, Pepe!
Petra Slivova (Cze) won the women´s title, followed by Regula Strasser (Che) and Kirsty Cameron (Gbr). Congratulations to all the pilots. Im very sad that this competition had to end in such a tragic way. Mis pensamientos son con las familias de Francisco Vargas (Arg) y Eitel von Muhlenbrock (Chi).
Two years of preparations for the organizers, two years of hard work for the pilots, team leaders, assistants, for the manufacturers... we all have to work together now to find a safer, more suitable formate for our world championships. After this shock, a lot of work is waiting for the NACs, CIVL and also us pilots to find a sensible way out of this desaster.
You can find professional video statements from the German pilots and flight impressions here (sorry, just in German).

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