20 Juli 2011

Worlds Day 2: another rest day

Another blown out day at Cucco, so maybe most pilots who want to fly are heading for Castelluccio today, as they had really good flights yesterday. For tomorrow the forecast is much better, so the first round of the Cucco Worlds will definitely start on Thursday. Great photos of yesterdays flying on dhv.de.
It is raining north of the main ridge of the alps, so guys at the Xalps have a hard time with a lot of walking in the rain or the clouds and not too much flying. Chrigel is already in the lead, as he had managed to fly a great distance yesterday. He crossed from Matrei valley of East Tyrol straight line down to Sillian and across the Drau Valley into Italy and the Dolomites! He is a real wizard when it comes to flying in tricky conditions in the high mountains. I wish Chrigel would hang glide more, we could all learn a lot from him...
The second ranked is Romanian Toma Coconea, the strongest runner and climber in the field who has chosen very individual routes in the past. Also Mike Küng flew his way into the top 10 today. Hugh Miller is doing a great job with the online video presentation of the Xalps!

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