29 Juli 2011

World Championships: Last Day - Cucco North - cancelled!

Luckily the pilots are going up the hill one more time on the last day of the comp - take off Cucco North, as the wind turned north again. Im glad it is not the strenuous hike up to Tre Pizzi! The weather forecasts predict overdevelopment for today, and there is a lot of moisture in the air, I hope they have enough time for a short task today.
11.50: The task is set - 90 km around 4 turn points with goal in Esanatoglia, take off starts at 12.15. I hope the live tracking is more reliable today!

13.30 The start had been delayed several times, but when finally the first pilots got airborne, the turbulence was obvious. The safety director decided to cancel the day and even free flights are not allowed today!
The new World Champion is the old World Champion - congratulations to Alex Ploner! And the Italian Team wins the team trophy, with Christian Ciech in second place overall, Primoz (SLO) is third.
With Andre Djamarani on 7th and Gerd Dönhuber on 10th, the individual result of the Germans have rarely been better. The team finished 9th.

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