23 Juli 2011

Cucco Day 5: Rain, day cancelled

No task today, time to analyse yesterdays race. Congrats to Primoz and the Italian twins (Alex & Chris), but also to Gerd Doenhuber for 3rd place - a great start into his first World Championships, and he has a really good and strong mindset, very good physical condition to stay relaxed and concentrated after such a good day. And congrats to the Italian team for 1st place in the ranking and 4 pilots in goal!
Then Andre finished 7th of the day, also an amazing result. But many pilots landed early yesterday, amongst them Big Spring world champ Attila Bertok. As it doesnt look a lot like many comp days next week, the chances to catch up on the top guys is small. Some mishaps shuffled quite a lot of places in the team rankings. The Swiss guys did well and would have been 3rd or 4th, but Gägu (Franz Herrmann) touched Perugia airspace and got 0 points as a penalty - and he had been in goal, that hurts! Also Mexican pilot Rodrigo de Obeso was zeroed and had made goal. Markus from our team also had that problem, at least he didnt loose that many points.
US pilot Jeff O´Brian toplanded after his vario had frozen, got a spare, and lost the spare in the air - all the bad luck on one day. OB is a great photographer and I really like his style of writing, have a look at his blog entries!
The Australian team did well, just that Jonny Durand, like me, makes a comp more interesting by not starting as the leader on the first day, and then catching up ;)
Seems like just the leading Italian, French and Austrians never make mistakes. Even though the Austrians are missing Gerolf Heinrichs, one of their strongest pilots, they still rank 3rd with the team...
Well it all seems mixed up just like the weather in Italy these days. I hope for the teams and organizers that they see at least a few of those epic days that we had at the Women´s Worlds and at the pre Worlds last year, just racing and enjoying!

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