22 Juli 2011

Cucco Worlds: Monte Subasio!

Primoz Gricar is the first in goal, Alex Ploner 2nd! And it also looks great for my team mates Gerd Dönhuber who finished the task together with Alex, and Andre Djamarani, who is the 5th pilot across the goal line! They had a speed radius of 1 km around the goal, so the final verification of the times will be read out of the GPSs tonight.
Just too bad that Christian, Roland and Markus didn´t quite make it to goal today, but I saw quite a lot of other top guys on the ground before goal as well, like Gordon Rigg and Blay Olmos. Must have been a tricky day.
A 121km task around 4 turnpoints to the south at Spoleto is set, with goal at Subasio landing field. Start window will open at 3pm. Watch the Live Tracking!
As the wind is still strong on Cucco, the organizers move the comp to Monte Subasio take off today. This launch is facing the west and is out of the compression of the Cucco mountain ridge, so hopefully it is less wind up there . It is above the cute village of Assisi. In the late afternoon, the sun turns the whole city and the famous Basilica San Francesco into a magical orange light, when you are flying in that scenery, it feels unreal!
After a big earthquake about 15 years ago, the Basilica and it´s famous paintings have been restored, and it is worth seeing the Giotto frescoes and other paintings by Cimabue and Cavallini inside.
I will report later about the decision of a possible task.

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