21 Juli 2011

Cucco Worlds: They finally start - almost!

News from Take off Cucco South: The day is cancelled, still too windy and getting windier in the course of the day. Forecast for tomorrow looks very promising though.

Today the weather looks better, less wind, more sun, so the pilots head off to Cucco south launch where they will have a briefing at 12. Once they have a task and start, you can follow the life tracking (with a 15 minute delay) here! Should be pretty spectacular, this is the first time ever that all pilots of the world championships will have a tracking device with them.
More news as soon as the task is published.
Also keep following the Xalps pilots - today there should be some spectacular flying in the Dolomites! Mike Küng unfortunately had to quit today, he is unwell and suspects it could be pneumonia... German pilot Michael Gebert is flying, getting high above Tre Cime, in a very good position to catch up with the top 5 guys today!

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