18 Juli 2011

Red Bull Xalps started yesterday!

The toughest paragliding competition started yesterday - the Red Bull Xalps! The race across the alps started in Salzburg and will end in Monaco, with several turnpoints that the competitors have to reach just by flying and walking.
Despite some doubtful weather up here and having to go around Dachstein, the top guys are already close to reaching Zell am See!!! Looks like there could be thermal activity tomorrow, but also a howling wind in Pinzgau. I know that Chrigl Maurer and Mike Küng (he competes for the first time) can handle those difficult conditions really well. I just feel sorry for the guys, because Pinzgau should be the relaxing part where they can race along in the air, instead it looks like hard work this year. Slightly better weather is predicted for Thursday.
It is always fun to follow the guys on the life tracker, and there are also the best scenes of the day on Servus TV!

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