18 Juli 2011

Japan wins Women´s World Soccer Cup!

After they kicked out the German girls in the quarter finals, the Japanese women won 3:1 against the Americans last night. The Japanese women are the new soccer World Champions and win the title for the first time! Congratulations - I had crossed my fingers for them!
Meanwhile there are long discussions at the Monte Cucco Worlds between pilots and the CIVL about the helmet issue. Only norm EN966 certified helmets are allowed in Cat 1 events, but many pilots "modified" their certified helmets, even if only by installing radio head sets. Where is the line? This issue should have been solved at the last CIVL meeting, yet they left it to be sorted out in Sigillo. Austrian top pilot Gerolf Heinrichs disagrees with the procedure of allowing all modifications but not allowing uncertified helmets and might not compete. Quite a powerful statement by the current European Champion.
The opening ceremony went through Sigillo last night, today is a most probably blown out training day, and tomorrow the first round of the 2011 hang gliding worlds will start! You can follow the German team on the dhv site.

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