23 Juli 2011

Red Bull Xalps: Chrigel´s Time Out

Yesterday at the Xalps, top ranked pilot Chrigel Maurer flew a breathtaking 400 km, making it all the way into the Zermatt valley, where they have to pass the Matterhorn as the last but one turnpoint. He raced away nearly 200 km from the next pilots, Toma Coconea and German competitor, Michael Gebert (come on, Michael, fly far today and you will catch up to Chrigel)! Unfortunately, he touched a restricted area and got a time penalty of one day... time for the other guys to catch up.
I know most of the areas they fly past, and it is just amazing to see follow the pilots´tracks online. I really want to share Hugh Millers´job, chasing the guys in a helicopter and briefly interviewing them, showing the spectators the most spectacular scenery! Thanks to Hannes Arch who invented this formate of comp many years ago - it was a handful to shape it like it is today, to make it understandable and available to the rest of the world. Also thanks to Red Bull for believing in such "crazy" adventures. This is the best race in the world!

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