08 Juli 2013

Task 3: Day cancelled, thunderstorms

As the results are online now, it is obvious that the lead in open class 1 is strictly in French hands - Luis Rizo is first, followed by Francois Isoard and Gianpietro Zin. Françoise ranks 9th, Im in 14th at the moment. Top German pilot is Tim Grabowski - he is 1st in class 5 after two tasks! Swift class I don´t know yet - they flew a task yesterday, but their 3rd day scores aren´t online yet.
Today we drove around for one and a half hours, trying to find the way up to Semnoz launch. Because the Tour de France went through yesterday (and it was really cool to watch them from the air when we raced passed them yesterday), and there are still a lot of roads closed down today.
When we finally got to take off, we had tail wind and very low cloud base in front of us. But we were optimistic and set up anyway. The wind turned around, cloud base rose - but unfortunately the clouds grew way too fast, so we didnt have enough time for a task and the day was cancelled. Many pilots free flew and went back to the HQ in Doussard.
The nice castle in the lake was yesterdays last turnpoint. And if you look closer, you will see a lot of paragliders in the air behind it ;)

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