13 Juli 2013

Pre-Worlds Day 7: 112km around 6 turnpoints

Another very tough day that led us into the higher mountains to our east. Not that we had a higher cloud base than the other days - it was predicted, but not found unfortunately. It was good to see a new area, but again very slopy, difficult or no landing fields.
Local knowledge helped a lot - there are convergences around, but I saw La Clusaz for the first time, and couldn´t get up where half an hour later two gliders got away. I have to ask our PG-pros for advice on how to fly in this area!
I shared the thermal of the day with Tim. I had already been waiting for some lift for about half an hour, when I saw the adidas rigid wing low. At the same time, we started turning, and it took us up to base - really nice to fly with friends! Tim told me later that that was the lift that got him ahead of the other pilots and might have let him win the Pre-Worlds in rigid class. Results are still not out, so I guess we won´t have time to check everything before the awards, as we have to drive an hour to get to Gruffy where they will have the closing ceremoy at 11 this morning.
In flex class, a few French pilots got to goal. I landed with Wolfi, Stefan and Françoise, so Françoise won the pre-worlds in female class 1, I finished 2nd. According to my superstitious friend Tomas Suchanek, that is the best way to score a title next year ;) I have to learn a lot about the Annecy area until then.

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